Artwork Guidelines

Different processes require different types of artwork. Please contact our office for specific artwork guidelines required for your project.


All graphics must be 300 dpi or higher. Graphics or photos taken off the internet are usually not print quality and will not be accepted.

Emailed Artwork

Email to: Please include company name and PO number (if applicable) or the word “Order” in the subject line.


Acceptable File Formats for Print Projects (Windows Only)

    Adobe Illustrator - all fonts must be converted to outlines and all linked files included.
    Adobe In-Design - all fonts must be converted to outlines and all linked files included.
    Adobe Photoshop - must be 400 dpi or higher.
    PDF files must be high resolution. Some changes may be possible at an additional charge.
    File extensions .JPG, .EPS or .TIF files must be 400 dpi or higher.
    Microsoft Word 2007 or earlier, Microsoft Publisher 2003 or 2000 (use the pack and go feature to save files, document size must be correct), WordPerfect, WordPad or Microsoft Excel - May not be acceptable for all types of printing. Not acceptable for artwork such as logos. Although some files may be acceptable for digital copies, files must be ready to print as is. If your art is to be printed 4 on a page, it must be set up 4 on a page. All fonts and linked files must be included.


All fonts must be converted to outlines or curves or be included. OK Print & Promo will not be responsible if fonts are not included or converted.


Exact color matches cannot be guaranteed on digital copies. Additional charges may be incurred if attempts are made to precisely match colors.



Problem Files

If files can be corrected within a 15 minute time period, no additional charges will be incurred. If more time is needed, it will be charged at the rate of $40.00 per hour with a minimum of $15.00.


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